Wearable Art Extravaganza holds final show Sunday

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - The Juneau Wearable Art Extravaganza is in its final day on Sunday at Centennial Hall.

    This year's art concept is "Tailwind."

    Ben Brown of the Juneau Arts and Humanities Council told News of the North a little about the history of the event.

    "This is a longtime event in Juneau," Brown said. "It was first done in Ketchikan in Alaska, by the Ketchikan Arts Council, and Ketchikan got the idea from New Zealand."

    Brown says many different mediums are used to make the clothing.

    "It's a chance for people to make visual art that can be worn on the human body," Brown added. "It comes from the deepest founts of inspiration and the artists' minds."

    Brown also spoke about the concern generated during last years event when it came to charges of cultural appropriation against one of the participants.

    "Last year, there was some concern raised about one of the participants by someone in the audience about cultural appropriation," Brown said. "The arts council has responded not just that, but to the whole issue of diversity and equity and inclusion and accessibility."

    Brown says some changes were made this year.

    "This year there was a lot more proactivity among the trustees of the council ... to help the artists early think about the choices they are making," Brown said.

    The event runs from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. at Centennial Hall.


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