Three Assembly committees set to meet Monday

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - The Assembly will be briefed on the impacts of the Governor's proposed budget for the next fiscal year during Monday evening's Committee of the Whole meeting.

    Mayor Beth Weldon said the city manager and finance director will brief the body on the impacts.

    It's estimated the impact on Juneau would be between $17 Million to $18 Million.

    An executive session is planned to be briefed on contract talks with the unions representing the general government unit, police, and firefighters.
    The body will be updated on the Parks and Recreation Master Plan.

    Electric scooters and bikes are on the agenda.  The mayor says there's nothing on the books on how these vehicles should be regulated.

    An update on the fate of downtown food trucks is planned since they will be displaced with work scheduled to commence on the Archipelago lot.

    The Committee of the Whole meeting is scheduled to convene at 6 p.m. in Assembly Chambers at City Hall.

    The Assembly Public Works and Facilities Committee meets over the noon Monday.

    An information item on the agenda deals with cruise ship shore power.

    Also on the agenda are an appropriation for the hospital's Rainforest Recovery Center and updates on the airport's north terminal and the what's being done to protect Meander Way Homes when the Mendenhall River floods.  

    The Assembly Lands and Resources Committee will take up the issue of senior housing during its meeting Monday.

    A memo from Chief Housing Officer Scott Ciambor to the committee concludes that a senior housing project will not advance without significant its city and borough incentives

    It's been proposed that such a project be built at Vintage Park.  Ciambor wrote that the option of CBJ purchasing the property there to build senior housing is worth consideration.

    Also on the agenda are leases for two communication towers on CBJ land.

    One located at Lena Point is currently under review by the Community Development Department.  The other is the discussion stage would be located adjacent to the FAA tower on Crazy Horse Drive.

    The committee meeting is scheduled to convene at 5 p.m. in Assembly Chambers.








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