Three Assembly committees meet Monday to handle a variety of issues

    Juneau, Alaska KINY) - A request to rename the Willougby District highlights Monday's agenda of the Assembly Committee of the Whole.

    Deputy Mayor Maria Gladziszewski chairs the committee. She says they received a letter from the Auk Kwan Cultural Heritage and Land Council with a request that the area is called the Auke Village District.

    The deputy mayor believes its a good idea and that the committee will decide how to proceed.

    The panel will receive an update on the Subport. Gladziszewski says the Alaska Mental Health Trust has decided to conduct a competitive sale for the property and they will be briefed on those plans.   

    One idea for the use of the area is construction of a Marine Center. What's there right now constitutes very poor use of the waterfront property, she says.

    The Housing Action Plan is on the agenda for discussion.  The deputy mayor says they want to pick three things or some number of things from the voluminous document and make sure they get done. 

    "It's a big list.  If we don't specifically say we want to do x and y and z, that plan will sit there. We want to move on that to make sure we're making progress."

    The future of sleep off homeless services will be discussed. Gladziszewsk says the sleep off facility is at Bartlett Regional Hospital right now.  One possibility under discussion is having that function taken over by Capital City Fire Rescue.

    The local government pays the hospital about $800,000 for those services which she says is probably an inefficient use of those funds. "If we can give that to the fire department maybe they can figure out a way to use that to be able to provide those services." 

    She emphasizes that they are at the very beginning stages of that discussion.

    Census Bureau officials are also scheduled to brief the Assembly on its 2020 census plans.

    The Committee of the Whole meeting convenes at 6 p.m. in Assembly Chambers at City Hall.

    The Lands and Resources Committee meets at 5 p.m. there. Agenda items include what to do about Chicken Yard Park. Manager Rorie is suggesting a solution to use of Chicken Park that will allow a private property owner there the use of two parking places.

    Also on the agenda is an update on the ownership of historic cemeteries in Douglas what it would take for the city and borough to maintain them.

    The Public Works and Facilities Committee meets over the Noon hour in chambers to discuss a funding transfer for a Valley Transportation Center and the hospital project calling for the design and construction of pharmacy facility to handle medications necessary for the Oncology Unit.


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