The 2018 Womens March

    Seward's Stature covered in the color of the Day.

    A series of short speeches by the movers and shakers of Juneau at the 2018 women's march.

    Saturday January 20th was the day of the 2018 women's March, where people of all kinds gathered before the capitol in solidarity with women all over the country protesting for the cause of women's rights. It was a salute to the largest peaceful protest in American history. Many elected officials were in attendance, including Berta Gardner, Jesse Kiehl, Sam Kito III, Justin Parish, and Beth Kerttula. The opening speeches were introduced by a group of tribal drummers and dancers, and Jocelyn Miles gave a singing performance. Beth Kerttula, Libby Bakalar, Kerri Willoughby, Byron Mallott and others spoke eloquently of the need for women in government. Behind the crowd, the statue of William Seward was wearing a pink beanie. A pink blanket covered in peace signs was draped over his shoulders. Standing at the steps of the capitol, I had never seen so many people gathered in Juneau in my entire life. The audio of the event has been cut into an internet only special below.

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