House remains without speaker after dramatic session

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - Reports of a deal for Alaska House Speaker might have been premature.

    The Alaska House remained rudderless Tuesday, after dramatic, failed attempts to elect a speaker that left some Republicans feeling betrayed.

    Rep. Gary Knopp, who left the GOP caucus in December, voted against the nomination of Republican Rep. Dave Talerico as speaker, helping sink Talerico's nomination.

    The vote came after Knopp met with Republicans Monday. Some believed he intended to be part of their group. Knopp said he was willing to be a deciding 21st vote to elect a Republican speaker to enable organization. The House lacks an organized majority.

    Knopp was nominated by Republican Rep. Louise Stutes, who caucused with Democrats the last two years. His nomination also failed. Knopp voted for himself.

    Rep. Mark Neuman called what happened on the floor "crazy" and questioned whether he could trust Knopp.

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