Survey says Alaskans support less government

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) A survey conducted by the Alaska Chamber of Commerce found Alaskans don't support an income tax and don't want more government spending.

    President Curtis Thayer said the survey found 65 percent of those polled were opposed to the income tax.  A strong majority was opposed to more government and supported a spending cap.

    Thayer said most Alaskans want the size of government reduced according to this survey, "People are not happy with the direction of the economy.  The economy is starting to come up and go in the right direction.  The footprint of government still is the number one issue among all Alaskans.  The house majority just passed an amendment for $500,000 to study vitamin D and were still sitting on a $2.5 billion deficit.  Clearly there are still areas to cut."


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