Senator proposes a right to shop act

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) A right to shop bill involves health care costs in the state.

    Alaska Senator Shelly Hughes is pushing for the Right to Shop Act, which gives consumers more powers when
    they choose medical care.  It also would also add transparency toward the costs of medical services.

    Hughes also supports a bill to promote the hemp industry in the state.

    Sen. Hughes said the right to shop act gives Alaskans a chance to find out the real costs of health procedures.

    She said they also want to be fare to health care providers, "We love our providers, but they have been protected in a way by not having to post their prices, getting protections with certificates of need, where other industries don't have that protection.  I think it is time for us to go to bat for all Alaskans.  We want a healthy health care industry but we don't want to break the backs of Alaskans."

    Sen. Hughes also has proposed a hemp bill to give incentives to growers.

    She said her district has farming and they see an economic impact from growing hemp, "It also has a number of uses farm beyond farming.  Some want to use it for insulation, oil spill cleanup, building products, a wide variety of uses.  It is used in Canada, Norway and Finland and we think it would be a good fit for Alaska."







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