Search ongoing for two men

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) Three people survived and two men are missing after a boat capsized near Aurora Harbor Tuesday night, Juneau Police said.

    The search began at 9 p.m. last night after Juneau Police said they received a report from a citizen that they could hear yelling and screaming for help in the Gastineau Channel.

    Sgt. Shawn Phelps said the search was ongoing this morning as of 6 am and is being led by U.S Coast Guard boats and a helicopter. 

    The initial report said three people were located, recovered and treated at Bartlett Regional hospital.  There were five people and a dog in the small boat that began to take on water and capsized.  Two adult females were able to swim back to the dock.  They immediately got into a boat and tried to assist the others in the water.  One man was able to climb onto the capsized boat and was brought to shore for treatment.  The two females were treated for exposure and the dog was being cared for by animal control.

    Capital City Fire Rescue Assistant Chief Chad Cameron said they found people in the water and alerted the Coast Guard.  "Currently the search goes on but has been left to the coast Guard."

    Juneau Police said there were no updates as of 9:50 A.M.

    Coast Guard Public Affairs Officer Charly Hengin at 9:55 A.M. said there are Coast Guard assets searching for the two individuals which include Air Station Sitka helicopter crew, small boat station Juneau, Coast Guard cutter John McCormick, along with multiple other agencies.  "We are hopeful that with all of these assets out actively searching and with daylight we can locate these individuals and get them to emergency medical services."

    Hengin said perhaps the individuals swam to shore but they don't know at this point.  She said the Mission Controller will determine how long the search will be ongoing, "They will determine when they need to call off the search.  Right now it is an active search and we want to locate these individuals quickly."

    The water temperature is roughly 44 degrees.


    At 11:20 am the Coast Guard released the names of the two men they are searching for, James Cole, 50, and Sheridan Scott Stringer, 48, of Juneau.  If anyone has seen these men after 9 pm Tuesday please call the Juneau Coast Guard Command Center at 907-463-2980.

    Please check back for further updates when they become available.


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