Search continues for climbers

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) Alaska State Troopers, Juneau Mountain rescue and the Coast Guard are searching for two climbers who were expected back in Juneau on Wednesday.

    Ryan Johnson, 34, of Juneau and Marc Andre Leclerc of British Columbia were on a climbing trip in the Mendenhall Ice Field and climbed the Mendenhall Towers.  Both of them are experienced climbers.  They planned to hike and ski back to Juneau on Wednesday.  Some of the men's gear has been located.

    The pair was dropped off near the towers on Sunday.  They were last heard from on Monday after they reached the top of the towers.  The pair planned to ski and hike back to Juneau down the West Mendenhall Glacier Trail and were expected to arrive no later than Wednesday night.

    Weather in that area has been bad with a significant snow fall reported.  Neither man had an SAT phone or an emergency beacon.

    The search included Alaska State Troopers, A Chartered helicopter with Juneau Mountain Rescue, and the US Coast Guard.  The team did locate some of the two men's gear and continued to search the area.




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