Rare bird appears in Sitka

    Sitka, Alaska (KINY) A trush was spotted Friday in Sitka.

    The Sitka Daily Sentinel reported that a bird watcher spotted the bird, commonly found in Asia.  According to Wikipedia, the trush is a family of passerine birds.  They are small to medium sized ground living birds that feed on insects and fruit.  They inhabit wooded areas and often feed on the ground.  Many of the birds are permanent residents of warm climates, while others can migrate to higher latitude during summer.  The father and mother bird share duties in raising their young.

    The sighting encouraged a number of bird watchers and enthusiasts to visit Crescent Harbor in hopes of catching a glimpse of the bird.  News spread quickly, even to Texas, where Yve Morell, who is on a quest to win the American Birding Association Big Year competition, flew in to see the bird.  The contest awards the birder who has been able to identify the largest number of birds within a year.








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