Rain water removed from Lumberman to prevent sinking

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - Work was completed Tuesday to ensure the abandoned tugboat Lumberman doesn't disappear under the surface of Gastineau Channel.

    Deputy Port Engineer Erich Schaal of the CBJ Docks and Harbors Department talked about that on Action Line.   He said they contracted with Global Diving and Salvage to remove rainwater that collected in the vessel.

    He explained that the Lumberman has been sitting lower than normal.  The crew pumped out about 75-hundred gallons of clean rainwater then secured some of the hatches that were letting the water in.  They believe people went aboard and opened the hatches.  So the list was fixed and the crew determined the hull looks pretty good.  Schaal said they're confident the vessel will stay where it is for a while longer.

    Schaal said the contractor agreed to stay under $5,000 for the job and he said the bill will come in well below that amount.  When asked if the bill will be passed on to the owner, Schaal said they are keeping track of their expenses,  although he's not sure how the CBJ Law Department is proceeding.

    Port Engineer Gary Gillette was asked about the final deposition of the vessel and said the Harbormaster has sent a letter to the state's attorney general to pursue its removal since it is on state tidelands.


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