PFD is performing well

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) The Alaska permanent fund exceeds $65 billion despite the recent turns in the stock market.

    CEO Angela Rodell said there have been ups and downs in the market this year.  "January and February were a lot more volatile.  We hit a peak value on January 26th of $66.5 billion.  We saw some of that slide back.  We have seen increased value since the start of the fiscal year."

    The fund rose $1.2 billion in the first two months of the year and by over $5 billion in the fiscal year. 

    The Permanent Fund corporation board is expected to discus their investment policies at a meeting on May 23 and 24th.

    Rodell said there is not a lot to worry about in the volatility of the stock market  "Markets are going to move day to day and our valuations change day to day.  We want to see trend lines in a positive direction and that is what we continue to see."


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