Nine Months - The Return of Percy the Cat

    Juneau, AK (KINY) - A missing pet in Juneau returned after all hope had been lost.

    For a lot of people, pets are family and losing a pet can be detrimental, but sometimes a missing pet returns after being gone for far too long. A family in Juneau were given a special gift just before Christmas. Their missing cat was brought home after missing for nine months in Juneau, a place where eagles or wolves have taken pets before.

    We talked to Teresa Bleakley, the owner of Percy the cat, about the return of their pet. Bleakley first explained the disappearance.

    “He disappeared about the end of March. My daughter and I came back from a trip and he was around and then the next day he just disappeared and that was totally unlike him. He had never been away from home and always stayed fairly close to home; he was a homebody for sure.”

    There was a lot of community effort put into finding Percy.

    “My daughter and I walked around our neighborhood, handing out flyers and talking to people. We found out that several cats in the neighborhood had been missing and there was talk about them being trapped and taking out the road.”

    “So I went out the road and looked for him several times. I went out with friends and we handed out fliers and put them in mailboxes of all the people that lived out our road. I also made lots and lots of Facebook posts.”

    After lots of searching, things weren't looking good.

    “We had actually, kind of, given up hope of finding him and were just really wanting to know what happened to him.”

    Right before Christmas, Bleakley got a special phone call.

    “The Sunday before Christmas, I got a phone call from the Animal Control Officers at the Humane Society. Percy wasn't even on my radar; he’d been gone for so long that he wasn’t even my first thought. He was microchipped, so they ran the chip and discovered it was him. They invited us to come and pick him up that day, which I did.”

    “I was so shocked that I burst into tears and then I had to apologize for crying.”

    The Humane Society explained he had been eating well for at least part of the time.

    “Apparently, he had been picked up out at Montana Creek. He had been getting into somebody’s house through their pet door and helping himself in their garage to whatever food. So he was very well taken care of.”

    “We’re very grateful to the people that were finally able to nab him and bring him in. He came home and got friendly with the other pets; it was like he never left. It’s just been amazing.”


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