Murkowski uncertain if Congress could override veto in national emergency debate

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - When Congress reconvenes from its President Day recess it will take up President Trump's national emergency declaration.

    Alaska Senior U. S. Senator Lisa Murkowski was asked on the Action Line Program airing Tuesday if there's a sufficient number of votes to override a veto if Congress rejects the president's call.

    The senator said she anticipates  there will be a resolution to disapprove of the President's actions which would be advanced by the House. She further explained that the Senate would be required under a privilege motion to take up the House resolution.

    If approved by the Senate, its expected President Trump would veto the measure.  "Whether there are sufficient votes on an override, I think that is still being determined,"  Murkowski said.

    The senator said she's worried about such an expansive of executive authority


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