Missile alert interrupts Ketchikan wedding party

    Honolulu, Hawaii, (KINY) A Ketchikan couple about to get married were interrupted by this months errant missile alert in Hawaii, the Ketchikan Daily News reported.

    Alaska resident Cara Wallace said she was rummaging through a Maui grocery store for cheap wine on the morning of her wedding when whispers turned to cries.  She said a sense of paranoia spread through the store on January 13.  Hawaii had just received a warning of an inbound missile.

    People were asking each other, what do we do, should we buy supplies and where do we go for shelter.

    Wallace and her now husband, Charles Peele, went back to their rental property where the family gathered and prayed and watched the chaotic scene.  Many made phone calls to loved ones in other states in preparation for the missile that never struck.

    38 minutes after the initial text was sent, a false alarm text in and the wedding went on as planned.

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