Members of House panel, some begrudgingly, move tax bills

    Three of Gov. Bill Walker's tax proposals advanced by House Finance Committee.

    The House Finance Committee has advanced three of Gov. Bill Walker's tax proposals though several members indicated they did so begrudgingly to allow for a House floor vote.

    The bills would raise taxes on motor fuels and the fishing and mining industries and are pieces of a larger plan from Walker to address Alaska's deficit.

    Rep. Lance Pruitt said if the committee refused to move them, lawmakers risked getting called into another special session. He supported advancing the bills but said he wouldn't vote for them on the floor.

    Rep. Tammie Wilson opposed moving the bills, saying lawmakers don't know enough about the economic impacts.

    During a news conference Wednesday, Revenue Commissioner Randall Hoffbeck called that assertion disingenuous, saying it doesn't fully reflect what the administration has presented. He said anything the state does will to have an economic impact.

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