Marijuana opponent appointment worries industry

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) Marijuana related business is concerned about the Governor's appointment of Vivian Stiver to the Marijuana Control Board

    The Anchorage Daily News reports that Stiver was involved in an unsuccessful 2017 effort to ban marijuana operations in Fairbanks.  She is set to begin her term March 1st to replace industry representative Brandon Emmett.

    Marijuana companies and supporters have been urging lawmakers to reject Stiver's appointment.

    The Governor also appointed Lt. Christopher Jaime of Alaska Wildlife Troopers to the board.  That nomination has not caused much concern in the industry.

    Democratic state Rep. Adam Wool said Stiver's appointment is an "antagonistic" move and predicted a fight is coming.

    Stiver said her views have changed since 2017 when she led the effort in Fairbanks.  She said she is absolutely not a prohibitionist of marijuana.

    The governor has not announced any marijuana policy changes during his first two months in office.

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