Kiehl: Special session to end absent formal sine die motion

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - The second special legislative session will end without a formal sine die motion in either body.

    Juneau Senator Jesse Kiehl described it on Action Line as a  "fizzle."   He added it's just sort of going to disappear.   Floor sessions in both bodies were canceled in favor of letting the clock run out on the special session at midnight Tuesday.

    The Governor will now have to decide on the second operating budget sent to him by the Legislature that restores many of the vetoes he made to the initial document.  

    If the Governor makes massive vetoes again, Kiehl would favor another special session called by the Legislature to take up overrides.  Forty-five vote or three-quarters of the Legislature would be necessary. Kiehl feels on some items like the university it might be possible to reach that threshold.

    Governor Dunleavy promised a $3,000 dividend during last year's campaign and vetoed the initial operating budget bill to the extent to pay for a $3,000 dividend. Kiehl is not sure how the Governor backs away from that promise.  He said there have been discussions about some possible compromises that could get enough votes to put a constitutional amendment on the ballot.  If that could happen, Kiehl feels there would be a sufficient number of lawmakers to scrap together enough each from various places to allow the Governor to deliver on that promise.  Without that, it would be tough to come up with what he called those giant checks."

    Even with the Governor's vetoes, Kiehl claims they did not free up enough cash for a $3,000 PFD without overdrawing the Permanent Fund and making an unsustainable draw from the earnings reserve.




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