Kiehl anticipating Governor's revised budget plan with trepidation

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - The biggest thing of the legislative session is coming later this month. according to Juneau Senator Jesse Kiehl on Action Line.

    He was referring to Governor Dunleavy's plan to unveil a revised budget for next fiscal year.  Kiehl said the administration has definitely talked about  some massive cuts.   "There's no way to smooth over the idea of cutting $1.6 Billion out of the budget," he said.  

    Kiehl explained that you could take forty percent out of Medicaid, forty percent out of K-12 schools and you'd still have to eliminate a couple of departments of state government. "This would be massive changes in what our state looks like and how Alaska runs," he said.

    On another budget matter, Kiehl is worried about the Governor's supplemental budget request that calls for cutting current year spending by $20 Million which he said  would have a big impact on education.  He called it a gut punch to Alaska's kids.  

    The Juneau School District estimates its budget would be pared by about $800,000 if the Governor's proposal is approved.


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