Juneau's bishop to meet Pope Francis later this year

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - Pope Francis appointed Bishop Andrew Bellasario to the diocese of Juneau post last year.

    The bishop has never met the pope, but he said on Action Line Thursday  that will change later this year.

    Since he was ordained in October, he missed the class held in Rome each September for new bishops.

    The bishop will be attending the class this September which culminates at the end with an opportunity to meet and talk with the pope.

    The bishop isn't exactly sure yet what he'll say to the pope or what language to sure.  He thinks he'll probably use some Spanish.

    The bishop added thought that he  he will take an opportunity to thank the pope and extend the greetings of the people in Southeast Alaska.

    Bishop Bellasario was a guest on Action Line to talk about Holy Week activities leading up to Easter Sunday.


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