Juneau Dipsticks Bring Car Enthusiasts Together

    Juneau, AK (KINY) - The Juneau Dipsticks car club put together a small car show that was held at the Mendenhall Auto Center.

    Cars of all shapes and sizes were spread throughout the showroom and around it, with everyone eager to share their vehicles with other gear heads. There were even some old wooden box cars on display and early motorcycle models. 

    Kimberly Vaughan (VAUN), who is the President of the Juneau Dipsticks talked about some of the community good done through the club. 

    "One thing that the club does is that we raise money for the Dale Staley Memorial Scholarship Fund, which helps out individual college students. We're looking for students that are looking at programs in the automotive or mechanical field. We've also given scholarships to Thunder Mountain High School to the small engine repair, Juneau Douglas High School, and UAS automotive programs."

    Vaughan also told us a bit about who Dale Staley was and why his name lives on through the scholarship. 

    "He was definitely a gentleman that loved cars and could work on them. He was a school administrator and he really enjoyed working with the kids and was certainly more involved than a normal administrator sometimes can be."

    Hugh Dilbeck who is one of the founding members of the Juneau Dipsticks told us that these scholarships help out students that may not have gotten assistance otherwise. 

    "The A+ kids get all the scholarships they want. Hardheads like myself, we went to the school of hard knocks. It didn't come easy. With today's technology on cars, there is a demand for that. These kids get exposed to what cars are and the mechanics. If they go on in that field fine, and if not, at least they have that knowledge to apply to other things."

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