Juneau Assembly Retreat Sets 2018 Priorities

    Juneau, AK-(KINY) The Juneau Assembly, department heads, and senior staff met for four hours Saturday morning to set priorities for 2018.

    New assembly member Rob Edwardson was at his first retreat but said he was familiar with the topics as ones that have been significant in Juneau for awhile.  He says they need to focus on the opioid epidemic, affordable housing, homelessness, and keeping jobs in Juneau.  Edwardson says there is also an increased emphasis the availability of childcare.

    City Manager Rorie Watt says what he thinks came out of today's meeting was a focus on the budget.  Watt says the first priority is always the budget.  He says they need to determine what Juneau can afford, what services are needed, and how to provide those by charging as little property tax as possible.

    The retreat took place at the Bartlett Hospital Administration Building.  


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