House minority not expecting deal

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) Rep. Mike Chenault said it could take awhile before the house reaches a budget deal this year.

    Today is day 74 of the legislative session and there is no budget deal in sight for the Alaska House. 

    Minority Leader Charisse Millett said the budget is too large for her members to vote for.  "WE are working hard on the budget.  We do have ideas.  The house republicans came ready to have input on the budget.  There was a stack of amendments were offered on the house floor and house finance and only three of our amendments were included in the budget."

    Rep. Chenault said he couldn't specify a number on the amount of spending his caucus would support.  He also couldn't predict how long it will take to reach a budget deal, "Two weeks?  Were maybe three weeks behind schedule right now.  I don't know how long it will take us to get a budget put together.  If you want minority member votes, the only way we get there is a reduction in the size of the budget.  That is the only thing out there that is offered.  If we don't negotiate, we'll be sitting here, and we may be sitting her for who knows how long."

    Millett said the house finance committee added $21 million to the budget which included $500,000 on a controversial study of Vitamin D in Alaska.







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