High winds forces suspension of operations at AML, 79 mph gust recorded

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - The strong winds have caused a suspension of operations by Alaska Marine Lines at its facility at the Rock Dump downtown.

    We asked Meteorologist Kimberly Vaughn in the Juneau Forecast Office about the wind gusts that have occurred.

    She said they received a report from the Douglas Boat Harbor of a gust that was clocked at 79 miles per hour.

    A gust to 53 miles per hour was reported  at the Juneau tide gauge and out Thane Road at Snowslide Gulch.

    The weather service issued a high warn winding but the forecaster says the winds have been slowly diminishing this afternoon and will continue to do that overnight.  So she says they're predicting "strong" winds rather than high winds this evening.  

    In the meantime the weather service says loose objects will be blown around.

    Mike Paine, the service center manager for AML, said they wanted to get their workers out of harm's way.  He said they intend to resume operations this evening when the winds die down.


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