Hannan: Initial report on power sharing agreement in House issued

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - It's past the three week mark of the first session of the 31st Alaska Legislature and the House has yet to organize.

    A so called "group of eight" which includes Juneau Representative Andi Story, a Democrat, is working on a plan to form a bi-partisan organization.

    Juneau's other Democratic representative, Sara Hannan,  talked about that on Action Line Thursday.  She said "Organize now" is probably one of the most common emails members are receiving from their constituents.

    She said one approach being examined by the group is a power sharing agreement that has been used in other states that found themselves in a similar situation with a spilt legislature.

    Representative Story said earlier this week on Action Line that they are close to such a plan.

    Hannan said an initial report from the group was issued Wednesday outlining its work including research that's been done and listing the pros and cons of a power sharing agreement and how it would work.

    Hannan says it is one of the scenarios on the near horizon to come up with a formal organization.



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