Haines Borough Assembly meets

    Haines, Alaska (KINY) The winter economy wasn't as good as the community would have liked

    Haines didn't have the winter ski season they wanted this year.  Borough Manager Debra Schnabel said there was a general lack of snowfall, "Unfortunately the season was terribly disappointing, the weather has not provided a good snowfall.  When it does snow, its avalanche prone.  We have a lot of disappointed people that have come to Haines to ski."

    The borough assembly also discussed closure of the Lutac dock.  The facility has fallen into disrepair

    The borough also supported the rights of distilleries to serve mixed drinks.  "The issue is whether or not the patron has to mix their drink or the employee, server or bartender," Schnabel added.

    The assembly also supported the Southeast conference in their plan to change how the Marine Highway system is operated

    Haines will also be looking at their budget in April and May.  Borough Manager Debra Schnabel said the borough will have to deal with spending this year, "We do have money in the bank but we are spending our savings to meet our needs."



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