Governor Walker's Proposed Budget Released

    Juneau, AK (KINY)-Governor Bill Walker has released his proposed budget, which includes a $34 million increase in public safety, $18 million for opioid treatment grants, and a limited payroll tax of 1.5 percent for three years to pay for deferred maintenance projects.

    The tax would be capped at a maximum of $2,200 per worker.

    It applies to all workers, even those that live outside the state, about 15 percent.

    He says he wants to fix Alaska and make things safer.  Walker says crime in the state means that people don't feel safe and he wants that to change. That is why he has allocated an additional 34 million dollars for public safety.

    He chastised the legislature who didn't reach an agreement on a budget early enough and took $14 billion out of reserves to balance
    the budget in recent years.  Governor Walker says per diem payments to legislators should stop if they don't get their work done in 90 days.

    The permanent fund dividend would increase up to 8 percent to $1,215 per Alaskan.  State spending is down 1.7 percent.


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