Governor Signs HB 186 At Food Bank

    Governor Walker presents HB 186 after signing.

    The bill would allow retailers to donate more food with less liability.

    Governor Bill Walker signed a bipartisan bill that would allow businesses to donate more food to the Southeast Alaska Food bank. The bill would allow for the donation of deli food that would otherwise be thrown away.

    During the signing, Food Bank manager Darren Adams said that the law would "help countless families," and thanked the governor for his support.

    The bill would also relieve the food bank of liability as long as they have inspected the food before distribution.

    The governor said that "Hey, I grew up in Alaska, I grew up in an area that by the time the milk got there, the expiration date meant nothing!"

    Food Bank manager Darren Adams said that "The most important part of this is that it will make for more efficient food distribution because there will be more food available, and its just a huge benefit for us and all our clients who rely on us."

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