Fish heading to Alaska?

    Rutgers, New Jersey (KINY) A study found that climate change will send more fish north

    The study from researchers at Rutgers University covers the North American continental shelves on the Pacific and Atlantic coasts.  The study looked at finfish, sharks, rays, squid, and rock fishes.  It also found Atlantic cod and black sea bass were the most affected.

    The Cordova Times reported the fish are sensitive to water temperatures and as water warms, the populations of fish shift from one area to another to find water that is the right temperature for them.

    They also said the migration could disrupt fisheries.

    The study also takes data from a study conducted by NOAA Alaska Fisheries Science Center on the Gulf of Alaska, Aleutian Islands and the Eastern Bering Sea.  The shifts can run into a couple of hundred miles.

    The study notes that species from the United States and Canadian west coast, including the Gulf of Alaska, had the highest projected magnitude shifts in distribution,

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