Firemen, paramedics honored at banquet

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) Capital City Fire Rescue held their 2017 Awards Banquet December 15th at the Centennial Hall.

    The following people were recognized for their outstanding performance during the last year.

    Emery Valentine Leadership Award: Captain Travis Mead
    Chiefs Award of Excellence: Captain Paramedic Sam Russell
    EMS Provider of the Year: Paramedic Jesse Echave
    Commendation for EMS service: EMT/FF Kathy Miller
    Firefighter of the year: Firefighter Kristi Asplund & Shaun Rhea
    Public Safety Dispatcher of the year: Alicia Sell
    Special Teams Members of the year: Jayme Johns & Lola Foss
    Instructor of the year: Jayme Johns
    Rookie of the year: Brandon Lumbab & Peter Flynn
    Commendation for Performance during Seward Street Fire: Engineer Brady Fink

    Unit Commendation for Seward Street Fire:
    Assistant Chief Tod Chambers, Captain Noah Jenkins, Engineer Brady Fink, Paramedic Andrew Bishop, FF Sam Berni, Captain Roy Johnston, FF Logan Balstad, Paramedic Jesse Echave, FF Peter Flynn, FF Meg Thordarson, FF Don Law, FF Mike Pearson, Fire Marshal Dan Jager, Deputy Fire Marshal Sven Pearson, Assistant Chief Ed Quinto, Paramedic Cory Hutchison, FF Tell Spragg, Captain Sam Russell, FF Travis Wolfe, Engineer John Adams, EMS Officer Joe Mishler, Captain Todd Cameron, FF Tucker Cooper, Engineer Brent Clancy, FF Dave Edmunds, Paramedic Travis Larsen, FF Andontia Elstad, FF Amanda Carlson, FF George Reifenstein.
    In addition Juneau Police Department Members: Sgt. Jeremy Weske, Officer Ken Smith, Officer Brent Bartlett, Officer William Bottorf, Officer Sean Ashapanek, Officer Hannah Malone, Sgt Brian Dallas, Detective Taylor, Detective Garza, Sgt. Craig Campbell, Dispatchers Christy Smith and Laura Ryan.
    Civilians Will Ryan and Dave McGivney also played a huge role in assisting with the fire.

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