Egan: Tired of legislative session move attempts

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - Juneau Senator Dennis Egan is not please with plans by an Anchorage group to circulate an initiative petition aimed at moving legislative sessions out of Juneau.

    "I'm just tired of it.  I really am tired," he said.   "This thing came out of the blue.  It was filed Friday.  It just makes me sick."

    Egan says the Legislative Affairs Agency has proven that its less expensive to hold session in the Capital than having to move sessions to Anchorage.  "I wonder if the city of Anchorage will pay for coverage of Gavel To Gavel.  I don't think they're contribute.  Maybe I'm wrong."  Gavel to Gavel provides televised coverage of the Legislature in Juneau.  

    Equal Access Alaska wants to get the question on the general election ballot in 2020.   It's not known where it would like to see sessions held.

    Egan made his comments while a guest on Action Line Tuesday.



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