Egan Aide, Jesse Kiehl Thinking about a Run for his Bosses Job

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) The future political plans of Juneau Assembly member Jesse Kiehl, who also serves as staff to Juneau Senator Dennis Egan, was the main topic of conversation on Action Line Friday.

    Host Pete Carran inquired about his plans at the very beginning.  Carran asked if he was after his bosses job.   After chuckling at the question, Kiehl said a lot of  people are asking him to run.

    Carran asked what he is telling those people.  Kiehl said he's committed to working for Senator Egan through the end of the regular legislative session, but he is giving it  serious thought.  " I have talked to my wife and daughters and they would be okay with it.  So it's definitely something that we are looking at really hard."  

    Kiehl said he would not make a final decision before the regular session ends.  If there's a special session, Kiehl said that may be another question.  "That's where I am right now," he added.

    Kiehl was  asked if he would consider running for the House seat now held by Juneau Representative Sam Kito, if Kito opts for a run for the Senate. Kiehl said if it came to that he would sit down with Kito to talk about it.  He said they have a good relationship.

     Kito is questioning whether he can afford to serve in the future if a proposal by the State Salary Commission eliminating per diem for Juneau based lawmakers is not rejected by the Legislature.  When asked about the possible absence of per dielm, Kiehl said  he has discussed that with his family and they have determined they could still pay the mortgage.


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