Don Etheridge Speaks on his Run for Senate

    Juneau, AK (KINY) - Don Etheridge, who is running for the Senate District Q seat, spoke with News of the North on a number of the issues he hopes to address on that seat. 

    Etheridge spoke on how crime rates are too high and he wants to help lower that. 

    “We need to have improvements in our public safety. The crime rates are just getting crazier and crazier all the time. I think I can help.” 

    He also talked about the PFD

    “There is still room for budget cuts, but from here on out they are getting hard to make those cuts. Nobody is willing to step up and say, ‘Cut my area’ or ‘Let’s do away with this’. They all want to stand out here in the public and say, ‘Let’s take away from those guys’ and they’re not willing to give things up.”

    “I think that’s what it’s going to take. People are going to have to willingly give up services or willingly pay for those services, one way or the other.”

    Lastly, we asked Etheridge on what he offers that the other candidates might not. He spoke on his history at the Capital and his willingness to work with both sides of the aisle. 

    “I have the ability to work with everybody in the Legislature. I have the ability to compromise on issues, rather than stand in the back and say, ‘No way, no way, no way,’ I believe that that is what it’s going to take, people willing to step up, compromise, and work on these issues.” 

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