Committee done with mining ordinance

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) The sub committee charged with review of the CBJ current mining ordinance completed its work Monday and sent recommendations onto the Committee of the Whole

    Chairman Norton Gregory said he was pleased with what they've come up with, "I feel pretty good.  The community members feel pretty good about the rewrite.  We've heard from the mining committee and there also happy. We've heard from the gentlemen who proposed a rewrite of the ordinance and they are happy.  We've heard from city staff they seem to be  happy.  I think we have touched all bases and they all seem to be happy which is a pretty unique circumstance."

    Gregory said he felt the CBJ's needs would be met when the ordinance rewrite is complete, "I feel the municipality is in a good spot. As a community we have had a good refresher on what it takes to get a mining project going.  I think we have a good working relationship with the state.  We have community members that have the idea fresh on their minds.  I think were in a better spot, we have more information, were more educated and everyone seems relatively happy with the outcome of this committee."

    City Attorney Amy Mead with get with state agencies to fine tune the ordinance.  She said in some respects the local regulations could mesh better with the state, "With respect to two provisions, the reclamation plan and the financial warranty.  The intent of the CBJ is to coordinate those processes with the state and federal process.  How we do that was not necessarily spelled out.  Our code could be cleaner and clearer."

    Concerns of the public included impacts on water quality, what to do should a major catastrophe occur, and impacts on water ways and

    Other issues included reclamation projects, who pays for them, and bonding requirements.

    Gregory said there haven't been any concrete plans for new mines but he added southeast Alaska has seen recent mine interest and development.


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