Coast Guard lead search of ferries

    Photo courtesy of US Coast Guard

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) Several agencies made searches of the Alaska Marine Highway System last week.

    Law enforcement authorities from the Coast Guard, Coast Guard Investigative Service, Alaska State Troopers and local police departments participated in a joint law enforcement operation to detect and deter illegal activity from March 9-15.

    Canine teams from Coast Guard Maritime Safety and Security Team San Francisco (91105), MSST Seattle (91101), the Alaska State Troopers, Anchorage Airport Police and the Juneau Police Department conducted sweeps of the ferry system.  

    The operation took place randomly at AMHS ferry terminals in Bellingham, Wash.; Ketchikan, Alaska; Whittier, Alaska; and Juneau over the course of the week.

    During the course of the operation, authorities contacted passengers and vehicles during five ferry dockings. This resulted in the consent search of six vehicles and numerous individuals. No seizures of illicit drugs were made in Alaska by authorities and therefore no arrests or charges filed. One seizure of methamphetamine was made at the ferry terminal in Bellingham.  “The Coast Guard is committed to detecting and deterring illegal activity on Alaska’s waterways including the use or shipment of illicit drugs,” said Randy Thompson, CGIS assistant special agent-in-charge for Alaska. “We appreciate and look forward to the continued support from our partner agencies in our fight against the opioid crisis.”

    CGIS, the Alaska State Troopers, and Juneau and Ketchikan Police Departments are members of the Southeast Alaska Cities Against Drugs Task Force.

    Coast Guard units and partner agencies that participated:

    • CG 17th District
    • CG Sector Juneau
    • CG Sector Anchorage
    • Coast Guard Investigative Service
    • Alaska State Troopers
    • CG Maritime Safety and Security Team Seattle (91101)
    • CG Maritime Safety and Security Team San Francisco (91105)
    • CG Station Ketchikan
    • CG Station Juneau
    • Bellingham Police Department
    • Juneau Police Department
    • Kenai Police Department
    • Whittier Police Department
    • Anchorage Airport Police Department

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