Chamber of Commerce hosts presentation on Fred Meyer intersection

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) The Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities are pleased with the amount of public comments they have received on improvements planned at the Egan Drive, Yandukin Drive, Fred Meyer intersection.

    Three members of the project team attended the January 18 Greater Juneau Chamber of Commerce luncheon hosted by the Juneau Moose Lodge.

    The ADOT currently has three options at the intersection.  One is to place a red light at the intersection.  The second proposal would extend Glacier Highway down to the McNugget mall intersection.  The third would be an overpass over the intersection.

    There were 60 crashes reported at the intersection between 2005 and 2014.  While this isn't the most dangerous intersection in the Borough of Juneau, the intersection did have some of the worst personal injury crashes.

    DOT spokesperson Aurah Landau said they have received several hundred comments on the project. She noted there is no clear favorite option for the public.

    ADOT said there are costs involved in the project, but other priorities are safety, pedestrian safety, and not impacting area businesses like those on Dairy Road.  Should an extension of Glacier Highway be chosen, that would require more traffic to use the McNugget intersection.

    ADOT said federal dollars are also available to fund the project.  They admit one option could eliminate an on ramp onto Egan Drive from the airport, which would be controversial.

    The red light option would be the least costliest option.  It would also allow pedestrians to safely cross the road in a crosswalk.

    DOT&PF has contracted with Kinney Engineering to study traffic flow and crash data affecting the Fred Meyer intersection at Egan and Yandukin Drive. Kinney Engineering will assess ways to potentially improve safety and efficiency through the intersection. Kinney will also analyze, develop, and recommend concepts for intersection improvements for DOT&PF.

    Kinney Engineering has collected traffic data for the area between Sunny Point and Mendenhall Loop. Data collection began in September 2017, with the majority completed by late October. Data collected includes manual turning movement counts; origin-destination patterns; continuous speed, gap, and volume data; and crash data. Concepts are currently being developed and analyzed to determine the most feasible intersection improvement or combination of improvements.

    For updates on the project you can go to this ADOT website,

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