Bering Strait schools to pay out $12.6 million in sex abuse case

    Nome, Alaska (KINY) School District instructor Amos Oxereok was accused of sexual abuse of 13 girls at the Wales School.

    The lawsuit claimed the schools had known about the abuse and had reports from adults as well as children, but didn't act quickly to protect the girls.

    Oxereok, 43, pled guilty two counts of second-degree sex abuse of a minor under age 13 in August 2017.  He was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

    The Nome Nugget reported parents, children, and other adults reported improper touching involving the instructor, but the schools didn't listen.

    The comments were made a court hearing in the litigation held on February 4.

    At the hearing, BSSD Superintendent Bobby Bolen apologized to the students, their parents, and the village, acknowledging that the district’s response had been slow once they found out about the abuse.

    “On behalf of Bering Strait School District, we are deeply sorry for everything that has happened to you. No child or no family should have to experience what you have experienced. We apologize for not being as responsive as we could have been. We are serious about training our employees to observe. We’ve heard your voices and those voices are going to cause change,” Bolen said.

    The settlement money will be distributed when the children become adults.

    $100,000 will go to the Kawerak, Inc. Children's Advocacy Center for the work done to produce audible interviews of the children's accounts of the abuse.


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