Alyse Galvin to Challenge Don Young for House Seat

    Juneau, AK (AP) - An independent will be running for Republican Don Young's lone House seat.

    Alyse Galvin, who is an education advocate, launched her campaign, saying that change is needed.

    Young was recently named the Dean of the House for being the longest-serving member, first elected to the chamber in 1973. Galvin is looking for more to be done in early education, healthcare, and the economy of the future.

    She also told the Associated Press that Alaskans are tired of partisanship. "We're frustrated with Washington, more than ever now, I think," she said.

    Galvin seeks to run as an independent on the Democratic party's primary ballot this summer.

    A state superior court judge in October opened the door to allowing candidates not registered with the party to appear on party primary ballots. But the issue is on appeal before the state supreme court.

    Galvin, 52, has been a regular presence at the Alaska Legislature in recent years as part of the advocacy group Great Alaska Schools, drawing attention to issues such as school funding.

    Young has already filed for re-election.

    Democrat Dimitri Shein has also filed as a candidate, according to the state Division of Elections website.

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