By Kathy Phillips - kiny@ptialaska.net

Tuesday, September 10,1996 (c) Alaska Juneau Communications

*City Manager Dave Palmer reported on the status of the soil contamination at the Riverbend School site at last night's Assembly meeting. The Department of Environmental Conservation is conducting tests to determine the nature of the contamination. When the testing is done, debris and soil will be removed. The Assembly also agreed to have Palmer and City Attorney John Corso look into loans to fund the building of legislative housing.
*Mayor Egan doesn't stand alone in the ranks of mayors who came under fire for signing the Southeast Mayor's resolution that was sent to the Forest Service asking for the allowable sales quantity figures to be corrected in the draft Tongass Land Management Plan. The mayors of Petersburg, Sitka and Angoon have also been told their actions were inappropriate.
*In a letter sent to members, executive director of the Juneau Chamber of Commerce, Marijo Toner, said that the members back Mayor Egan in his signing of that resolution. Toner said she sent the letter on behalf of the board of directors, and that she has received some favorable reactions from it. But two members, Nancy Waterman and William Leighty said that they do not agree with either the letter sent by the Chamber, or with Mmayor Egan for signing the resolution. Leighty said that the members should have been polled before the board took such a stance and spoke for all members.
*Governor Knowles will be heading to Asia for a trade mission aimed at pitching Alaska seafood, energy resources and other goods and services. The ten day trip will take the delegation to Japan and Korea. Last year Japan bought about $3-billion in goods and services from Alaska, with Korea buying about $500-million worth of goods and services in 1995.
*The search for a pilot missing since August 31 in Russel Fjord has been suspended. Ben Thoreson's float plane crashed, and rescuers found the door open, but no sign of him. The Coast Guard and the Yakutat Department of Public Safety say the search will remain suspended pending further information.
*Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau will not be on a cruise ship to Southeast Alaska this fall. Script problems and other delays kept the film crew for Out to Sea out of the state. The script has Lemmon and Matthau as cruise ship workers. Mary Pignalberi of the Alaska Film Office said that filming would either be done in the Caribbean or rescheduled for next summer in Alaska.