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Wednesday, May 9, 2001    Alaska Juneau Communications - KINY Radio Newsgreenbar.gif (834 bytes)

Legislative session ends
  JDHS remodeling makes final budgetJuneau Douglas High School (file photo)
Funding for renovation of Juneau-Douglas High School was part of the deal brokered to bring an end to the regular session of the Legislature just before last night's deadline for adjournment. The compromise calls for building three new rural schools and performing major repairs on 32 others. Minority Democrats were holding out for four new schools and major repairs at 46 others to win their votes for tapping the Constitutional Budget Reserve. One provision was just over $9-million for the renovation of Juneau's high school

UAS will get new classrooms
The University of Alaska Southeast gained full funding for the second phase of the Egan Library classroom addition. Funding was reduced from $2.5-million to $2-million at one point, which Chancellor John Pugh says would have forced them to go to a third phase. But as it stands now, Pugh says they'll go to work on the bids for the second phase with an aim of getting the facility completed on schedule, which is a year from December. He says the plan is begin work on the second phase following the scheduled completion of the initial phase this December.

Guilty plea entered in murder trial
A Ketchikan man has been charged with murder after allegedly confessing to the beating death of his friend and former roommate. Ketchikan police say 29-year-old Carl Wayne Abuhl confessed Monday night that he beat 49-year-old Steve Bowen with a baseball bat at Bowen's home.

Hung jury in Mateu case
The jury came in today in the murder trial in Ketchikan of an 18 year old accused of killing his father. Juneau Attorney Louis Menendez represents Jose M. Mateu. Menendez says the jury came back after three days and indicated that they were unable to make a decision. In response to the Judge's gavel...hung jury, the court declared a mistrial. Menendez says it's now up to state prosecutors to decide whether to retry the case. He was charged with first-degree murder in the January 2000 death of his father, Jose R. Mateu.

School stabber arraigned
An Anchorage man charged with attempting to murder four children at Mountain View Elementary School was arraigned yesterday. Thirty-three year old Jason Pritchard did not say a word during his arraignment. But when deputies led him out of court, he lashed out angrily. He said, "Kill the young children. Kill yourself first, then kill the young children."

Infant's death termed suspicious
Anchorage police are investigating the death of a one-year-old baby, and authorities are calling the death "suspicious." The baby, Derreck Tyler, was taken to Alaska Regional Hospital at about 12:30pm yesterday. He was pronounced dead at 9:00 last night. Police are not releasing any further details.

Boys and Girls Club worker pleads no contest to sex charges
A former employee of the Tanana Valley Boys and Girls club has agreed to plead no contest to sexual assault of a minor. Twenty-eight-year-old Emmanuel Pacheco had faced two counts of second-degree sexual assault for having sex with a 14-year-old girl.

The ice goes out...Official Nenana Ice Classic clock stopped at 1:00pm yesterday
Eight winners will split a $308,000 prize in the Nenana Ice Classic. That's $38,500 each. Three of the winning entries were pools with more than one member. Seven of the winners are Alaskans, but one is from Wisconsin. Ice Classic Manager Cherri Forness says the ice went out at exactly 1:00pm Tuesday
(at right, Nenana Ice Classic clock showing official time yesterday), Alaska Standard Time. That's 2:00pm Alaska Daylight Time, but the classic still uses standard time for its clock. Forness identified six of the winners as Dan Kieffer of Anchorage, Garry Harder of Wisconsin, Johnny David of Fairbanks, and three pools. The pools are one in Fairbanks called The Grille, with five members, another in Fairbanks called the La Mon pool, split between two people, and one in Ketchikan, called the Madison Street Gang. Six people are in that pool. Forness says two other winners couldn't be reached. The book of guesses published by the ice classic lists them as Yoko Shima of Two Rivers and Ralph D. Walker of Anchorage.

Planners approve new airport hangars
The construction of four hangars at Juneau's Airport was approved by the Planning Commission last night. Community Development Director Cheryl Easterwood says the hangars will be located between Yandukin Drive and the taxiway. They will be attached to an existing hangar there. The commission also renewed the permit for the soil recycling facility on Anka Street. The initial permit was granted about a year ago. Since then, Easterwood says more demand was found for the service, so the Commission renewed the permit for a two year period.

Tremor shakes Chain
A moderate earthquake shook the Aleutians community of Dutch Harbor this morning. The Alaska Tsunami Warning Center says the magnitude 5.4 quake occurred at 7:48am, and was centered about 110 miles southeast of Dutch Harbor. The quake was felt in Dutch Harbor and Sand Point but there were no reports of any damage or injuries.

Woman injured on fishing vessel
A woman who severed her finger was transported to a hospital Tuesday from a fishing boat in the Shelikof Strait off Kodiak. A Coast Guard helicopter picked up 40-year-old Janine Tourville from the Sea Dreams after the vessel owner reported the incident shortly before 10:00 this morning.

Rare quilts on display
A display entitled "Quilts of Alaska" opens at the Alaska State Museum on Sunday as part of International Museum Day. The display was the subject of KINY's Capital Chat this morning. June Hall Lisa Golisek, left, Alaska State Museum, and June Hall, Friends of the Museum, on Capital Chat this morningof the Friends of the Alaska State Museum said the purpose of the exhibit is to present the history of quilts and the makers as they were recorded in a survey, which was conducted over the last 10 years. She said the few quilts that are part of the exhibit are just the tip of the iceberg. A total of 1,500 quilts were registered as part of the survey. The exhibit opens this weekend, and will include a rare quilt from the Smithsonian Institution. Special free events are planned at the State Museum, the City Museum and other local historical attractions from 11:00am to 5:00pm this Sunday.
(In photo, Lisa Golisek, left, Alaska State Museum, and June Hall, Friends of the Museum)

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