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DENVER (AP) Tourists looking for a high time could be headed to Colorado. At least that's what some entrepreneurs think -- and they're trying to tap into the cash flow from marijuana vacations. AirTHC offers bed-and-breakfast listings, much like AirBNB. KUSA-TV reports visitors are able to rent homes where weed use won't be an issue. Pot is legal in Colorado, but smoking it in public is not.



HAVRE, Mont. (AP) If you're carrying nearly two pounds of weed -- firing some up might seem like a bad idea. But border patrol agents say they've busted a man during the check of an Amtrak train in Montana. Officials say the agents smelled pot. A local paper (Havre Daily News) reports a passenger told officers he had been smoking pot and had even more in his backpack. Authorities add 23-year-old Ryan Smart is being held on suspicion of a number of drug charges.



CHANTILLY, Va. (AP) Have cash -- will travel. But won't have cash for long. Officials at Washington Dulles International Airport have seized a large amount of money. A U.S. citizen arriving from Qatar declared eight-grand at customs. But Customs and Border Protection officials say a detection dog alerted them to nearly 25-K in an envelope in his luggage. There's no limit to how much cash travelers can carry, but they must declare 10-grand and up. Officers seized the dough but didn't arrest him. The man was told how to petition to get the money back.



SANTA ROSA, Calif. (AP) A Northern California politician denies he's a peeping Tom. Sure, Santa Rosa Supervisor Efren Carrillo testified he made a late-night visit to a neighbor. And Carrillo concedes he was only wearing his socks and his skivvies. But Carrillo says he never peeked into the woman's windows. Carrillo says he had been drinking and has an inflated ego but denies the misdemeanor charge. It's now up to a jury to decide.



NEW YORK (AP) Iced coffee isn't just for summer. Coffee chains are pushing iced coffee to heat up profits. A cup of iced-down java usually costs a buck or two more than the hot version. Sales at Dunkin' Dounts rose just a bit over one percent last quarter. But Dunkin' officials are still looking for a good year based on the strength of iced drinks. Dunkin' Donuts has more than 7,700 locations in the U.S. The company is also looking forward to opening its first California coffee shop later this year.



HAYWARD, Calif. (AP) She's the most senior of the senior class of 2014. At age 100, Mildred Principe has finaly gotten her high school diploma. The Northern California woman dropped out eight decades ago to get married. Earlier this week, Principe was honored at Hayward High School. She says getting her diploma and the ceremony were "unbelievable." Principe tells the San Francisco Chronicle she remembers everything. But the centenarian adds that's "a blessing and a curse."



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