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, designed to compliment our on-air programming. Check What's New each time you log on for quick links to the latest features. To email, write or phone any of our staff members, just click on Contact Us. Our air personalities have their own pages which you can access by clicking on Air Staff. The Site Map is a directory of the inside pages of our rather extensive site -- look around here if this is your first visit. The News Center has instant access headlines and links to all of the major online news sources and publications, plus the Juneau Daily News Online and Alaska Daily News Watch -- sources of current local and state news. The Weather Station features Juneau and Alaska forecasts, satellite photos, surface maps, webcams, current conditions and more.

Browsers Minimum browser requirements to effectively view our site are Internet Explorer 5 or Netscape Communicator 4. Legacy browsers below these versions will not properly display our pages. Our site is best viewed in Internet Explorer 6 -- for a free download of IE6, click here. For a free download of Netscape Communicator 7, click here.

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Sound Files/Streaming Audio Some of the highlighted links you see on our pages are sound files or on-demand streaming audio. Generally, you'll see a small speaker, icon or button denoting these as audio. For the most part, we use sound file formats which can be played by all Sound Blaster compatible sound cards with appropriate software. Our "News of the North Now," "The Time Capsule" and other audio features utilize Windows Media or MP3. You will need Windows Media Player 9 (or comparable player) to make use of these formats. Also, your system should at the very least a Pentium III 333mhz running Windows ME and Internet Explorer 5, with a 56kbps modem. (A better system for listening to our audio content is a Pentium IV 2Ghz or higher running Windows XP and Internet Explorer 6 with Windows Media Player 10 on a cable modem or DSL.)

WebTV Some of the original content on the KINY website is available to WebTV users, however many of our features are not. For example, the pages won't appear correctly because television screen resolution is much lower than computer monitors. In addition, page sizes are permanently set by WebTV to 544 by 372 pixels, while KINY and most Internet sites use 800 by 600 pixels. Also, there are only two very basic text fonts available on WebTV. These inadequacies can cause serious discrepancies in how our site looks. WebTV does not support streaming on-demand audio (like our News of the North Now), Adobe Acrobat files, frames or Java applets, all of which are incorporated into our site. So, because of WebTV's limited technological nature and capacity, we cannot guarantee that our pages or features will look or function properly.

AOL Like WebTV, America Online is not a complete Internet service. While AOL users can get to some of our original content, they will find many features and content unavailable or outdated. AOL incorporates server-side "page caching" to make browsing appear faster. Because of this, if another AOL user has visited any of our pages ahead of you, you will see the cached pages instead of the current documents which we may have updated. In the case of our daily news, polls, weather and other constantly changing pages, there's a good chance you'll get outdated, cached pages instead of the latest versions. AOL also converts online graphics into a proprietary, lower quality format (again to make browsing appear faster than it really is). This conversion may render our photos, graphics and other visual enhancements poorly. So, we cannot guarantee that our pages will look or function properly. We suggest you get a real Internet service like those offered locally by ACS and GCI.

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Internet Security Just how safe from hackers is your "always on" Internet connection? There is a simple test which can let you know if you're vulnerable to attack. Click here for the "Shields Up" test. (While technical journals rate this test as highly effective, KINY Radio does not warrant or guarantee the results.)

Links All of our off-site links are tested on a regular basis. We avoid slow and busy servers to ensure that you can get in and out quickly. The sites are also chosen carefully to compliment our on-air programming. However, we're always open to suggestions. Drop us an email note. We also only link to other free sites -- we won't point you to subscription services.

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Frames With the exception of our Weather Station, the KINY website does not incorporate html frames in our pages.

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